Mambo Jazz Kings; Have Soul Will Travel!

Often Imitated but never duplicated

The Original Mambo Jazz Kings
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Ray's earliest experience was
nging in his church choir. He
live performer was in Jr HIgh
School when Gene Chandler
hooked.  Later Johnny Nash and
Bo Diddley also performed. He
learned and began to develop
his own style.  His major
influences were James Brown,
Marvin Gaye.  Also Tina Turner,
Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin
and Luther Vandross.  

At seventeen he "ran away  from
home" to stay with his Uncle, a
member of the Dells, in
He developed his James Brown
Show and opened for acts such
as Four Tops, Smokey Robinson,
as well as The Dells.
His first band "Classics" he formed along with Ray Parsee. Later bands were
Soul Senders, Flavor Band, Toronadoes, Iceses.

He currently performs with Kashmere Reunion Stage Band and still sings in the
men's choir at Lyons Unity Baptist Church.
D Buggs has been around as long as
some of the favorite artists born but
with his up and down ride in the
entertainment field is a story by itself.
Grew up in Houston, Texas and at the
age of sixteen opened shows with the
late Ted Taylor performing in groups
with guys twice his age. D Buggs
formed groups throughout his junior
and senior high school years
performing around the state of Texas
and Louisiana. After graduating from
high school, he joined a group with his
brother who was also talented, also
sung in school with the once Archie
Bell and the Drells. The group formed
was called Justice which was the first
group out of Houston to sign with a
major label (Epic CBS). Justice opened
acts for such groups as Bob Marley &
Whalers, Temptations, Tavares,
Natalie Cole, Nancy Wilson, B B King,
Bobby Bland, Manhattans, Dramatics
and the lists goes on…
Some Lovin’” and Leo Sayers, “Easy to Love” which hit the billboard top charts.
Other writers such as
Jerry Butler song, “Everything’s Cool”, Ambrosia which
Justice recorded first, “That’s How Much I Feel”. After completing the album, the
five men vocal group, Justice returned to Houston. Upon returning Bass Singer,
Linwood Freeman
passed away.

Leaving Justice in search of a bass singer after an unsuccessful search, the
group had to continue with the four. After the release of a 12” version of “Gimme
Some Lovin” and “Easy to Love” with Bobby and Donny Buggs performing lead it
was thought that the album would be a success but Epic CBS wanted a five-man
vocal group. The following year, Justice was released and Epic CBS picked up the
Jacksons from Motown. The Jacksons picked up Randy. Well and there was the
five-vocal group – those are the breaks. After being released, the group broke up
but Bobby and Donny, brothers, continue singing today. D Buggs (Donny) have
released his new CD hoping someone still love that soulful unique first tenor. New
CD titled “Here I Am What You Going To Do” & “Love Obsession” is being sold on
CD Baby, Amazon.com, ITunes, and other Music Download websites. His music
can also be heard on Jango:
Born in Houston, TX as Frankie
Halima Edwards - A vocal talent in
the Houston/Galveston area for let’s
not say how many years - smile.
Frankie began background vocals
under her mother, Blues Legend
Gloria Edwards since before she
could talk. Coached by her step-dad
Nelson Mills III-Music Director for
Chubby Carrier & Calvin Owens to
name a couple as well as one of the
Original TSU Toronados. Frankie has
worked many Club venues and
Genre's from Calvin Owens-Blues
Orchestra to Hip Hop & R&B ad libs
and lead vocals for "Rap" Artist -
Bobby "Crainsta" Crain. She has
performed as an opening act for
concert style artists - Al Green and
the Isley Brothers.
Frankie Stevenson
She has been a Member of Funksion for 15 years.  Prior to Funksion she was a
member of 24/7 the Band, Direct Impact and The Eric Smith Band (Rock) and has
performed with other Local Groups Collector’s Item and Mr. Hand’s Revenge.
She believes that music is her soul.  It is her way of expressing her joy, sorrow,
pain, disappointment, love, loneliness, grief and pride. She sings when she is
happy and when she is sad. When all else fails - Sing a Song. Her vocals are truly
a gift from the Creator and she thanks Him first. Frankie is a loving  and proud
mother of 3 and Nanna to 11 grandkids.