Mambo Jazz Kings; Have Soul Will Travel!

Often Imitated but never duplicated

The Original Mambo Jazz Kings
Mike Ramirez
At the age of 9yrs  I began my drumming career.  

I played drums with many progressive Tejano Bands through  the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.
Since the early 70’s I’ve played throughout the Texas Valley, Corpus Christ, San
Antonio, Austin & Houston/Galveston area.
As a young boy in the jungles of
Puerto Rico, Lu, wearing nothing
but a loin cloth, carved two sticks
out of a branch he cut from the
highest level of tallest tree in the
land using nothing but a sharp
edged rock.
The thunderous drumming sounds
coming from a neighboring tribe
intrigued him, and he proceeded to
carve himself a drum set and beat
some alloy into the perfect
cymbals.  After a few years of
practice, Lu was considered
"kinda good" at the percussive

Lu has played a great variety of
musical styles and enjoys
performance over all else. He was
happy to join the MJK family in
I was inducted into the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame in 2010, and currently serve on the
Board of Directors for the Houston area for the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame & Museum
organization from Alice TX since 2012.

I played drums for many years in different church ministry most recent at CT Church
in Houston where I  alternated playing the Congas.

The love of Salsa, Latin rock, Jazz, Funk and R&B music inspired me to reach new
levels and a love for the Conga and Timbales. My musical influences are - Santana ,
Tito Puente’s, Celia Cruz , Marc Anthony,  Miami Sound Machine, Earth- Wind & Fire
and Chicago  just to name a few.